Elementary Education & Youth Development

Plymouth State University is a top name in the region for developing dedicated K-6 and K-8 educators who have the skills and professional dispositions to successfully support all learners.

Clinical Experience

As early as the first semester, you will begin spending time in elementary classrooms. You will have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from practicing professionals in the field. You will begin as an observer and gradually work your way to full responsibility for the classroom in your final semester.  Teacher candidates and student teaching interns receive more than 600 hours of hands-on experience in the field.

Supportive Cohort System

During your final three semesters, you will complete integrated methods coursework and practicum experiences, as well as student teaching, with a core group of classmates and faculty. Our cohort system provides a focused and intensive experience designed to prepare you for the challenges and rewards of the teaching profession. You will have unique opportunities to develop professional skills as you interact with teachers, professors, and fellow students in a supportive environment full of other passionate individuals.  Click here to learn more about Cohort Field Experiences.


Our elementary education program has received national recognition through the Specialized Program Associate (SPA). See https://campus.plymouth.edu/educator-preparation/office-of-educator-preparation/accreditation/ for additional information regarding accreditation.

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