Bachelor of Science

PSU’s Bachelor of Science in Meteorology is unique in the state of New Hampshire. Our meteorology program not only meets but exceeds all recommended American Meteorological Society guidelines for undergraduate degree programs.

We offer a single, traditional track, well grounded in science and mathematics, along with elective courses. With usually only 15 to 35 students in both major courses and other required science and mathematics courses, students benefit from working closely with a very dedicated and professional faculty.

PSU meteorology students have both a demanding curriculum and a wide variety of opportunities to broaden their experiences. Our students have been very successful in competing for national scholarship and research programs for undergraduates. Many also complete internships.

The BS in Meteorology at PSU prepares you to continue professionally or academically in nearly any field of meteorology or atmospheric sciences. Over 80 percent of our meteorology alumni from the last 10 years are currently employed as professional meteorologists or in graduate school.

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