Bachelor of Science

The nationally recognized Bachelor of Science in Meteorology at Plymouth State University is unique in the state of New Hampshire and one of a small number in the entire Northeast region. We offer a degree that is well grounded in science and mathematics, following the American Meteorological Society’s guidelines for B.S. degrees in atmospheric and related sciences, and continue to advance our curriculum as the field evolves.

Our faculty are experts in a variety of areas, and are involved in a variety of nationally and regional work in the discipline. Our graduates go on to traditional jobs in the field such as National Weather Service forecasters and TV meteorologists, or continue on to graduate school, but also go on to jobs in a wide variety of areas such as emergency management, consulting services of many kinds, teaching, and many other government and private industry careers.

We are a supportive community with faculty that are present and care about students, and with students who are responsible and excited about what they do and who help each other. We are also proud to have excellent facilities, and to provide many opportunities for students to participate in a large variety of hands-on experiences, conference travel, and much more.

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