Bachelor of Arts

The BA in Psychology is a liberal arts major that provides broad exposure to the history, theories, research methods and practical applications of contemporary psychology. The BA’s relative flexibility lets you pursue courses both within and beyond the discipline. The BA requires a foreign language and a capstone experience such as an advanced seminar, independent research or an applied internship.

Bachelor of Science

The BS in Psychology includes an emphasis in mental health, developmental psychology, or psychology and the law. For example, for the Mental Health option, students take specialized courses in Community Mental Health and Treatment of Psychological Disorders, and may complete a supervised internship in a mental health setting. For the Developmental option, students take specialized courses focusing on developmental issues across the lifespan such as Child Development, Adolescent Psychology, and Adulthood and Aging. The Psychology and Law option was designed to respond to cultural and student demands for higher education related to forensic psychology and homeland security. It was designed to receive interdisciplinary support by including courses from the Social Science Department. There is no foreign language requirement for the BS.

Options available in Developmental, Mental Health and Psychology and Law.