As a Plymouth State psychology major you will engage in wide-ranging study of the mind, brain, and behavior, exploring why people act and think the way they do as you gain an extensive understanding of this fascinating field.

You will be invited to work directly with professors in our on-campus research laboratories on emotion and relationships, learning, or psychophysiology. All are available for your classroom and personal projects, or your contributions as a research assistant for pay or course credit.

Our distinctive program will equip you with a rich and diverse portfolio of expertise. You’ll acquire advanced data interpretation skills, use sophisticated research and measurement techniques, and employ critical evaluation and interpersonal awareness abilities, among other proficiencies that lead to many career options.


Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)

This flexible, liberal arts program provides broad exposure to the history, theories, research methods, and practical applications of contemporary psychology, and you can combine these topics with your own special interests.

Psychology (Bachelor of Science)

Tailor your studies through specialized options in developmental psychology, mental health, and psychology and the law, which feature courses on childhood, adolescent, and adult and aging issues; supervised internships in professional settings; and inquiries into forensic psychology, homeland security, and other cutting-edge topics.

Neuroscience (Minor)

Psychology (Minor)

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