Career Paths

From the American Public Health Association CareerMart newsletter, Bachelor of Science Public Health students find jobs such as: 

  • Serving as a Community Health Worker for clinics, hospitals and health care agencies 
  • Designing and implementing health promotion programs 
  • Leading physical activity. Programs for clinics, wellness centers or communities 
  • Serving as a program assistant with an international health organization 
  • Carrying out health-related assessments at worksites or in communities 
  • Working as a research assistant with a nonprofit organization or agency 
  • Doing consulting work related to disease prevention 
  • Working at a company that does health communication and health marketing 
  • Conducting air quality sampling and surveying 
  • Serving as a mentors or trainer for programs for children and/or youth 
  • Designing and leading wellness programs in assisted living facilities for older adults 
  • Working for international agencies to address public health issues in special populations.