Media Studies (Minor)

Media Studies (Minor)
Students in the media studies program

Increasingly today, a thorough understanding of media offerings and their effects is essential for people who work in the fields of anthropology, art, business, education, information technology, the performing arts, political science, psychology, sociology, and related areas. Accordingly, the Media Studies minor offers students in-depth exploration of the history, theory, criticism, and effects of media offerings of all kinds.

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Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
CM 2775Media and Cultural Studies (TECO)4
Complete one course from the following:4
CM 3005
Rhetoric and Semiotics (INCO,INCP)
CM 3485
Global Perspectives in the Media (GACO)
CM 3505
Media Effects
CM 3645
Communication Theory (WRCO)
CM 3945
Social Media: Technology and Culture (INCO,INCP)
Complete two courses from the following; at least one course needs to be 3000/4000 level:8
CMDI 2015
"Deviants" in Film and Society (SSDI)
CMDI 2025
Sex and Cinema in the 20th Century (and Beyond) (PPDI)
CMDI 2100
The Digital Imagination (CTDI)
CMDI 2200
The Science of Animation Programming (SIDI)
CM 2915
Communication and Leadership
CM 2995
Professional Social Media
CM 3006
Analyzing Screen Media (DICO)
CM 3515
Communication, Media, and Wellness (WECO)
CM 3675
Journalism in the Digital Age (TECO,WRCO)
CM 3750
Film and Video Production Techniques
CM 3760
Narrative Film-making
CM 3915
Topics in Media Studies
CM 3960
CM 4915
Independent Study
Total Credits16

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