Spring 2021 Information

The foundations of our approach continue to be New Hampshire state guidelines, public health guidelines for supporting higher education on campus, and COVID-19 testing for the campus community. The health and safety of the campus community is our highest priority.

We are #PanthersUnited and follow the six important health actions that enable us to hold in-person classes and on-campus activities. All of our Health & Safety Measures from the fall semester remain in place for spring. These include mandatory weekly testing, the campus and town of Plymouth mask requirements, limits to group sizes, social distancing and our student behavior and conduct requirements.

For health, safety, and other pressing issues that are not addressed on this webpage, please e-mail covid19@plymouth.edu or call the PSU COVID-19 Hotline at (603) 535-2409. The hotline is staffed Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  This hotline will also have the most up-to-date messaging regarding testing, contact tracing, etc., via a recorded message daily.

AthleticsAir CirculationCourse Formats and ExpectationsFace CoveringsFinancial IssuesGuests/Campus Visitors/Closed CampusGathering SizeResidential Life and DiningTravel RequirementsVaccine Information

Winter athletics competition plans vary greatly by sport. More detailed information is available at the athletics website: athletics.plymouth.edu/COVID.

Plymouth State is enhancing classroom and building filtering in two ways: with a nanoscale coating that traps droplets in the air and prevents them from recirculating in our buildings, and with medical-grade HEPA filtration and ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UV-C light) air purifiers.   

The “nano” coating wraps itself around the individual fibers of HVAC air filters, which physically stops the virus at the filter surface. It’s theorized that the virus is destroyed when the water molecules that carry it through the air are trapped and desiccated. Air that travels through the coated filters has been cleaned and is recirculated more safely. More information is available on the Curran Biotech website.    

We are also deploying portable UV-C Air Purifiers for non-mechanically ventilated classrooms for a few smaller spaces where the nano filtering isn’t being used. More information is available on the Tracs Purifiers website.   

The result of all of these installations is that every PSU classroom is going to be covered by advanced virus-fighting technology during the spring semester.   

Your Choices in Course Delivery – In-person, On Campus; Online (Synchronous or Asynchronous); and Hybrid

  • In person, On campus: Classes are taught on campus without an online component.
  • Online synchronous: Classes take place remotely during specified days and times.
  • Online asynchronous: Classes take place remotely but not during specified day/time periods.
  • Hybrid, meaning that some sessions will be taught face-to-face and some online (synchronously or asynchronously); students will be expected to participate during some of the days/times listed on the schedule. Contact the course professor for further details and to find out whether a fully remote option is available.

Expectations for Student Participation

Please note that students are expected to be available during the entire time periods for which their courses are scheduled regardless of their physical location (on-campus or remote) as they should be available to attend all synchronous (regularly-scheduled) instruction that takes place during their classes.

In the face of the ever-changing dynamics of the pandemic, Plymouth State University faculty continue to embrace a variety of approaches to teaching to ensure participation and attendance, whether in person, remote, or hybrid. Please be sure to thoroughly read your course syllabi to understand the established expectations and requirements for each class, and contact your advisor and/or professors if you have any questions.

Face coverings must be worn in all campus buildings, outdoors on campus when social distancing is not possible, and when in stores and buildings in Plymouth. PSU social distancing guidelines are three feet if masks are worn or six feet otherwise. Please note the town of Plymouth public ordinance below, which details requirements for face coverings while in downtown or greater Plymouth.

More information

PSU will provide a full semester’s worth of learning and there will not be reductions in tuition or room and board fees. However, if PSU needs to shut down and students must leave campus, as happened in Spring 2020, appropriate prorated housing and dining reimbursements can be made. Students who do not plan to live on campus or take advantage of campus dining in Spring 2021 will not have to pay for these services if they notify the University before the semester begins.

PSU campus buildings are closed and off limits to anyone not actively teaching, studying, or working at PSU. Guests are not allowed in any campus buildings, including residence halls and student apartments, unless they have approved academic and/or professional reasons. Students residing on campus are only permitted in their assigned residence hall or building. Only faculty, staff, and students who have active PSU identification cards are currently authorized to enter campus buildings. Affiliate faculty and emeriti do not need tests nor do they have campus building access, but the library will do curbside drop offs for emeriti with advance notice. 

Current approved gathering size for PSU is 10 or less.


The residence halls will open for the general student population in late January 2021. More detailed information will be shared later this winter as we plan for a physically distanced return. Students may have no more than two move-in helpers. Students and helpers must wear face coverings and observe social distancing. Helpers are not required to obtain a COVID-19 test.

Housing Assignments

Students who lived on campus for the fall semester will return to their same assignment. For new students, assignments will be available in mid-January.

Meal Plan Additions/Changes

Students wishing to add or change to another eligible meal plan may do so by submitting this form. 

Even though the Governor of New Hampshire has lifted travel quarantine requirements, they remain in place at Plymouth State University for faculty, staff, and students.  If you live, learn, or work on campus, and you travel outside of New England, you must self-quarantine for 10 days after you return to New Hampshire, prior to accessing any campus buildings.  

We strongly encourage students to remain in PSU as much as possible to limit risk of infection.

PSU is in weekly contact with the NH State Department of Health regarding planning for vaccine rollout in the state. Unfortunately, the state has determined that higher education staff will not fall in the K-12 staff vaccination category 2A which is set to begin in March. Also, we now believe that PSU students will not be eligible for vaccination before they leave campus in mid-May. PSU staff, faculty, and students that fall into one of the earlier age and/or medical categories will receive their vaccination through their primary care practice, a local pharmacy partner, and/or the fixed vaccination site at the National Guard Armory. As we receive additional information regarding vaccine availability, we will share that with the campus community.