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As part of the New Hampshire Department of Education Licensure requirements, students enrolled in an educator preparation program leading to certification must meet the Basic Academic Skills Assessment (BASA) in reading, writing, and math. 

Here are some options for meeting the Basic Academic Skills Assessment (BASA) requirement:

  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Reading, Mathematics, and Writing);
  • Other states’ basic skills testing for educators (state dependent, additional tests may be required);
  • Performance at or above a predetermined score (set by the NHDOE) on a nationally recognized test in the areas of reading, writing, and/or mathematics such as, but not limited to, the SAT, GRE, or ACT. Submit the Test Evaluation Request directly to the NHDOE, as outlined below. 
  • Hold a New Hampshire Beginning Educator or Experienced Educator License. Please visit the NHDOE Knowledge Base for more information on this option. 

Praxis Core: Academic Skills Test

The Praxis Core Academic Skills test is administered electronically by Educational Testing Services at various locations throughout the country. Home testing can also be scheduled. To learn more about where the Praxis Core is administered, visit the ETS Website. Scores must be reported to Plymouth State University.

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Study for the Test!

  1. ETS Praxis Core preparation materials and study companions:

Reading (5713) preparation materials  and study companion

Writing (5723) preparation materials and study companion

Mathematics (5733) preparation materials and study companion

  2. The PSU PASS Center will help students prepare for the Praxis Core Math. Please visit their website to set up an appointment.
  3. The PSU Writing Center will help students prepare for Praxis Core Writing and Reading. Please visit their website for an appointment.
  4. offers some free materials for Praxis Core Preparation.

ETS provides accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-Related Needs. Please visit ETS to learn more.

Praxis Core Retake Policy

"To retake a test, you must wait at least 28 days after your previous test date. For example, if you take a test on the first of the month, you cannot take it again until the 29th day of the month. This applies even if you canceled your scores on your previous test. Failure to follow this policy will result in the cancellation of scores from your retest." For the full retake policy, see The Praxis® Tests Information Bulletin.

Praxis Core: Test Waiver (AKA Test Evaluation Request)

To use scores from other exams (typically SAT scores), candidates must:

  1. Access their New Hampshire Educator Information Systems (EIS) account (instructions to create an account) and submit a test evaluation request and the scores online.  The following button includes the score requirements as well as detailed instructions for applying for the waiver (i.e., test evaluation request).

Do my SAT scores qualify for a test waiver?

  1. The NH DOE will confirm or deny your request. If the test evaluation is approved, forward the approval email to the Holmes Center.

Praxis Core: Massachusetts Licensure

Until June 30, 2024, the Massachusetts Department of Education has approved the Reading and Writing sections of the Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators as an alternative to the Communication and Literacy MTEL. This does NOT apply to the Praxis II content tests. Additional Information 

Sending Your Scores to Massachusetts

  • If you test in Massachusetts at a testing center or using the Praxis® tests at home solution, and your Praxis profile address is in Massachusetts, your score report will be sent automatically to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  • If you test outside Massachusetts or your Praxis profile address is not in Massachusetts, your scores are NOT automatically sent to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. To have your scores sent to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, you must select the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (state code 7335) as a score recipient when you register.

  • For future planning, the NH DOE currently accepts the equivalent MTEL for most Praxis II content tests. Currently, Massachusetts does NOT accept the Praxis II content tests.

Praxis Core: Fee Waivers

ETS provides Praxis Core fee waivers for eligible students. You’ll need to submit the Fee Waiver request, Student Aid Report (SAR) and Enrollment Verification Certificate to ETS.