SSF Financial Assistance Form

Apply here for financial assistance from the Student Support Foundation.

**We have recently received a large increase in applications, we care about you and your requests and are working hard to respond to you as soon as we can.

**Please note requests are accepted the first week of classes through the week before finals each semester. A student board reviews and decides on all applications when school is in session.

Thank you for submitting an application for Financial Assistance through the Student Support Foundation.

In submitting this application, I agree to the following conditions:

1. The SSF has been set up to help students with financial emergencies. I have read the funding guidelines on the Emergency Financial Assistance page of the SSF website. My request involves a financial crisis that could be relieved by an SSF grant.

2. SSF members of the student board and program advisors are bound by a signed agreement to maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding information disclosed by students requesting grants. I am disclosing the amount of detail necessary to help the board make an informed decision about my emergency situation. If the emergency is medical, I waive my right to confidentiality only for the information I choose to disclose and only to the SSF board and advisors.

3. The SSF attempts to meet all grant requests. I accept that my request may or may not be funded, and I hold no SSF members or program advisors liable for the final decision.

4. The SSF funds only specific needs. If awarded a grant, I will provide the SSF advisors with receipts documenting my purchase(s) with this grant.

I accept the terms and conditions as stated above.

Contact Information

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This can be found on your MyPlymouth, underneath your PSU ID number. 
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Funds Requested

Please answer all applicable questions and provide as much detail as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the student board. Too general answers will result in delays in receiving a decision from the student board. Please work to be as specific as possible with your request.
*If you need assistance higher than $300, please indicate below and we can check to see if we know of any additional resources you can reach out to.
What will the funds be used for?
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If you are requesting support for specific bills (electric, internet, car, etc.) Please upload your bills so this can be used to process with the finance department.
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