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Student Employment

MWM Front Desk Attendant
$8-8.75/hour, 15 hours/week
June 4- August 14, 2021

MWM is looking for 2 PSU students to work for us this summer. Are you interested in learning about museum work? Interested in public relations? Be part of our team! Help us to greet the public as we re-open, answer questions, take care of our summer exhibition, Wayfinding: Maps of the White Mountains, help with social media, and in general be our ambassador to the public!

Apply here: Front Desk Attendant Application

MWM Student Videographer/Video Editor
$9/hour, 5-8 hours/week
Starts February 8, 2021

The Museum of the White Mountains is looking for a creative and skilled student to develop, film, and edit video content for the Museum. Do you have experience or interest in developing video interviews, walk through experiences, time-lapse sequences, or video tutorials? We are looking for a student who can take on the creative challenge and complete projects on deadline. You will be helping to increase awareness of MWM and its exhibitions for the PSU student population, as well as providing interesting experiences for the public to enjoy “visiting” MWM during COVID times.

Applications are now closed

McLane Family Fellow
Spring 2021
15-20 hours/week
$4500 for semester

The Museum of the White Mountains is looking for an out-of-the-box thinking, energetic PSU student who will imagine and implement ways to promote the Museum to the PSU campus. While public access is limited due to COVID-19, the McLane Fellow will focus on creative engagement and promotion of MWM to PSU students, faculty and staff. Working with MWM staff, the McLane Fellow will develop a communication plan integrating social media, activity ideas, and campus partnerships to highlight the Museum.


  • Develop communication plan to increase campus exhibit visits to three Spring semester exhibitions: Emerging: The Annual PSU Student Art Exhibition, BFA in Studio and Graphic Design Exhibition, and Plymouth State in 150 Objects
  • Create and carry out promotional strategies for each exhibition (working with/supported by MWM staff and MWM Student Graphic Designer)
  • Come up with and coordinate promotional activities for each exhibition (supported by MWM staff)

Applications are now closed

MWM Student Assistant Curator
10 hours/week, $9-9.75/hour

This PSU student position assists the Director of The Museum of the White Mountains with specific exhibit research, exhibit design, exhibit development, organizing exhibit materials, organizing exhibit partner materials, and collaborating with the McLane Fellow on planning related activities for specific exhibits. Other duties may be assigned as needed. Requires previous experience at MWM or similar.

For 2020-2021, this position will involve helping to create and present dynamic and engaging online exhibition experiences. The successful candidate will have good research skills, is organized and a detail oriented, creative thinker, who is able to work independently and as part of the MWM team.

Applications are now closed