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Community of Caring

The Community of Caring Flags project is a visual representation of our interconnection and commitment to caring for and protecting our community.


What is this Project about?

2020 marks transformative moment in human history, one that underscores our interdependent wellbeing. Our individual actions impact the wellbeing of others directly and indirectly.

Inspired by traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags which are intended to bring promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom, this project came out of the PSU Fall 2020 Opening Task Force, Greater Plymouth Community & Alumni Subcommittee working with the Museum of the White Mountains, and aims to provide the Plymouth community with an opportunity to share our common fears, to honor the suffering, and to grieve the loss brought on by the pandemic, but also the opportunity for all to help build community and unity between campus and community.

Want to Participate?

We welcome anyone who would like to make a flag! We also welcome group participation! The flag making process is open starting August 1, 2020, and will run throughout 2020-2021.

· Where to pick up flag material:

For students on campus:

HUB, D&M, Hyde, ALLWell, Boyd

For community members:

Chase Street Market
Common Man Plymouth
Rand’s Hardware
Pemi Youth Center

· Downloadable instructionsclick here

Flags will become the property of the project. Installation of the flags is at the discretion of the project group.

Who is helping with the Community of Caring Flag project?

We are so grateful for the many individuals, businesses, and organizations that are embracing this project. Thank you!

Museum of the White Mountains
Office of Community Impact
PSU Advancement
Center for Healthy Communities
Chase Street Market
Pease Public Library
Town of Plymouth
Pemi Youth Center
Common Man
Rand’s Hardware

How are Community of Caring Flag Project Partners and Volunteers Helping?

• Partners promote the flag making activity amongst their groups.
• Partners provide flag pick up/drop off locations.
• Partners can display a section of the flag stream in their location.
• Project Volunteers provide flag material, help with sewing and installing flags

Latest Flags


Flag Gallery


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