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Peace Tile Project


The Peace Tile Project began in 2016 as a collaborative discussion involving several faculty and staff members from different areas of the PSU campus, organized and led by Professor Barbara Lopez-Mayhew and Professor Feliz Ruhm. The PSU Student Design Company, led by Professor Pamela Anneser, created a mural design of the more than 500 tiles made during the first year, which was installed in the HUB’s Paws Way. The project has continued, with students, faculty, and staff creating their personal peace images, and planning for the next installations of the completed tiles in underway.

MWM is proud to be hosting the tile painting activities and to be helping to continue the project’s goal to center “peace” as a guiding thought for PSU.

The project is open to community members, groups, and area school children, with programming plans in the works!

For more information contact Cynthia Cutting

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