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Upcoming Exhibitions

WALKING IN THE WHITES: A Poet/Painter Dialogue

Location: Museum of the White Mountains, Main Gallery

Date: November 5, 2019 - December 13, 2019

Opening Reception: November 5, 5-6:30pm

Featuring works by visual artist Kathryn Field and poet Timothy Muskat, this interactive and dynamic experience will engage visitors in a sense of place through words and images focused on the experience of the White Mountains. Tim has been hiking in the White Mountains all his life. He has completed 83 rounds of New Hampshire’s high 48; is working on his seventh so-called Grid; and has summited Mt Washington 416 times. Kathryn has been drawn to wilderness since childhood; the vastness, scale and raw forms of mountains have informed her work as a sculptor and painter.

This exhibit is funded in part by a grant from The Waterman Fund.


Location: Museum of the White Mountains, Main Gallery

Date: January 21, 2020 - February 15, 2020

Opening Reception: January 21, 5-6:30pm

The arts can provide personal sanctuaries, life giving inspiration, and physical therapy. Simultaneously, arts experiences can create common ground and opportunities to connect us to each other. This exhibit brings together creative work from all over New Hampshire that tells the story of the power of art at this time in this place.


Location: Silver Center for the Arts, Lobby Gallery

Date: February 4, 2020 - February 29, 2020

Opening Reception: February 4, 5-6:30pm

Art continues to serve a central purpose in our society and is integral to everyday life
and education. From the process of creating to the experience of artworks, art is a
universal language that expresses the needs of all ages. Living in rural New Hampshire
can be isolating and arts experiences oftentimes are the pathways to creating community.
This exhibition includes work from northern New Hampshire’s high school, college, and
community education students. Co-curated by PSU interdisciplinary studies student
Sarah Connor ’20.


Location: Museum of the White Mountains, Main Gallery

Date: February 25, 2020 - March 24, 2020

Opening Reception: February 25, 5-6:30pm

Highlighting the strength, energy, passion, and technical skill of our PSU art students, this annual exhibition features the best efforts of students from all levels of art making. Through exploration and experimentation inside and outside the classroom, this exhibition includes a wide variety of media from drawing, painting, photography, and video to graphic design, sculpture, and mixed media. 


Location: Silver Center for the Arts, Lobby Gallery

Date: April 4, 2020 - March 28, 2020

Opening Reception: March 4, 5-6:30pm

Celebrating artistic achievements by area youth, this exhibit is presented in collaboration with area art teachers. This exhibit provides a month-long moment and space to highlight excellent educational experiences art teachers have developed, making visible both the magic of the artworks, AND the design and intention of the educator that makes it possible.


Location: Museum of the White Mountains, Main Gallery

Date: May 15, 2020 - September 11, 2020

Opening Reception: May 15, 5-6:30pm

Not only does the White Mountain region have a long history of maps and map makers, it also boasts one of the richest assortment of map designs of any mountainous region. Each map describes specific places and routes, and also tells a story of the knowledge, curiosity, purposes, pleasures, and design ideas of the people of its time. This interactive exhibit will feature maps from the far and recent past, as well as new map tools for today’s hikers, tourists, scientists, weekend explorers, and enthusiasts. 

Museum exhibitions are presented with support from MWM membership.