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For Educators

One of the Museum of the White Mountains’ key missions is to provide educational resources to help educators for all ages of students incorporate our exhibition experiences in their classrooms. To that end, for many exhibitions, we have developed helpful exhibit guides, worksheets, lesson plans, and activity suggestions. These materials can be used in conjunction with our digital exhibitions experiences as well as with our in-person experiences.

Educational Resources/ Lesson Plans

Aesthetic Scanning – lesson plan (Docx) (Pdf)

Aesthetic Scanning – worksheet (Docx) (Pdf)

Autumn Leaves Observational Art – lesson plan (Docx) (Pdf)

Peace Tile Project – lesson plan (Docx) (Pdf)

Poetry Card – lesson plan (Docx) (Pdf)

Spooky Franken-Art (Docx) (Pdf)

Tell Your Story – lesson plan (Docx) (Pdf)

Writing Marathon activity – lesson plan (Docx) (Pdf)

Resources by Exhibition

Space 2 Place: Philosopher’s Journey Across America  

Exhibition Guide (pdf)
Photography and Music Lesson Plan (pdf)
Poetry Lesson Plan (pdf)
Research & Presentation on Animals Lesson Plan (pdf)
Mini Exhibition Lesson Plan (pdf)

NEW: Annual PSU Art Faculty Exhibition

Exhibition Guide (pdf)
Seeing, Making & Using Brown Lesson Plan (pdf)
Old Materials, New Maps Lesson Plan (pdf)
Exhibition-Inspired Art Lesson Plan (pdf)

Walking in the Whites: A Poet/Painter Dialogue

Creative Definitions Activity (pdf)
Turning a Molehill into a Mountain Lesson Plan (docx)
Turning a Molehill into a Mountain Activity (pdf)

Passing Through: The Allure of the White Mountains

Stories of Place: An Integrated Arts Elementary Activity (pdf)
Sites for Escape: An Integrated Arts Middle School Activity (pdf)
Personal Journeys: An Integrated Arts High School Activity (pdf)

Beyond Granite: The Geology of Adventure

Standards-based STEM Curriculum Packets: 
Elementary School (pdf), Middle School (pdf), High School (pdf)

Trail Clubs: Connecting People with the Mountains

Advocating For a Forgotten Wetland (pdf)
AT Student Ambassador (pdf)
Hike around and In Littleton (pdf)
Learning our Communities (pdf)
Local Legends and Colorful Characters (pdf)
(Educational materials courtesy of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.)

Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains

Middle School (pdf)
High School (pdf)

Finding Place on Paper: Contemporary Poets and Printmakers Explore the White Mountains

Exhibit Visit Experience (pdf)
Pass the Paper and Print hands on activity (pdf)
Aesthetic Scanning: Lesson Plan Information for Teachers (pdf)
Aesthetic Scanning worksheet (pdf)
Responding with Words and Images (pdf)

Summer Camps: The White Mountains Roots of an Iconic American Experience

Summer Camp Crossword (pdf)
Camp Crossword Key (pdf)
Camp Readings (pdf)
Letters Home (pdf)
Looking Questions and Photo Analysis (pdf)
Scavenger Hunt (pdf)
Campfire Stories – Discussing Personal Narrative (pdf)

Vernal Pools: Local Action to Preserve Biodiversity

Vernal-Pools-Worksheet (docx)

Grand Hotels of the White Mountains

White Mountain Grand Hotel Historical Odyssey (pdf)