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Remembering Jay

On March 31, 2020, our great friend Jay Moskowitz passed away from cancer. Jay was a teaching lecturer at Plymouth State University for over twenty years, and a beloved mentor, supporter, friend, and more to all who knew him. He will be greatly missed. A well-traveled folk musician and artist, Jay said “My real art is teaching. It is where I really put most of my creative energies.” Jay taught every grade level from kindergarten through graduate school. He was the 2008 recipient of the Distinguished Adjunct Teaching Award from Plymouth State University. Jay, oftentimes with his loyal dog, Ozzy, was a favorite model of art students, who sketched him many times over the years. The MWM has launched the Remembering Jay page to collect and share art, images, and stories of our beloved friend.


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Please share your stories, images, and art of Jay with us:

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My real art is teaching. It is where I really put most of my creative energies.​Jay Moskowitz


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Jay’s Website

Faculty Spotlight: Jay Moskowitz – The Clock Online

Origami Crane Folding


Jay’s Art

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Accordion Book Project

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Open Mic Night Ashland Common Man –  March 12, 2020

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

Sweet Home Chicago

Rivers of Babylon


Jay on For The Love of Dance


Stories & Memories

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