Group photo on campus with Pemi the panther

Student Spotlight: Nelson Arroyo Jr ’19

Name: Nelson R Arroyo Jr
Major: Communications and Media Studies
Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Class year: Class of 2019
Clubs and/ or organizations: Cru, the Clock, the Barbell Club

Why Plymouth State?  I chose Plymouth State University because of the community here on campus. I was lucky to tour Plymouth State University during the Winter Carnival. That allowed me to see all of the activities and also a lot of friendly faces.

What is the best opportunity that Plymouth has given you?  I believe the best opportunity that Plymouth State has given me is the ability to build a professional résumé. As a writer for the Clock, our school newspaper, together with all of the other student organizations that I’ve been involved in, I have been able to really make myself marketable.

What keeps you busy outside of classes? Outside of class, I like to take advantage of the gyms that Plymouth State has available. I also am involved in multiple student orgs, and I am an admissions representative.

What have you learned to love while at Plymouth State? While at Plymouth State I learned to love writing. I was never a big writer before I came to Plymouth State, but the courses that I have taken have given me a new perspective. I actually enjoy writing papers now.

What advice would you give to future students? My advice to anyone coming to Plymouth State is to get involved. There are so many opportunities to meet people and make friends.

What is your plan after graduation? After graduation, I hope to become a journalist or a reporter in the D.C. area.