Madison Snaith

Student Spotlight: Madison Snaith ’19

Madison SnaithName: Madison Snaith
Major: Professional Communication with a minor in marketing
Hometown: North Hampton, NH
Class year: Senior, Class of 2019
Clubs and/ or organizations: PACE, Tau Omega, Spring Fling, Volunteer Club, Student Senate, PAW, Community Advisors, and Admissions

Why Plymouth State? This is a funny story. I have always lived in New Hampshire, so I really did not want to attend a school so close to home. My dad arranged for me to visit the campus and I basically went kicking and screaming. We first arrived in downtown Plymouth, which is beautiful on its own. We walked around and visited places like Burrito Me, Café Monte Alto, and the small used bookstore next to Scoops, which are now all things I can’t wait to return to. I was starting to warm up to the place by the time we went on the tour. The tour guide went above and beyond showing us around, and even showed me where I would have my classes based on my major. I didn’t want to admit it but I had fallen in love with the school!

Madison SnaithWhat is the best opportunity that Plymouth has given you? The ability to get involved and being able to explore different career options. When I first entered the school, I really wanted to go into law enforcement. I chose to sign up and was accepted into the orientation leader program for the summer. Through this program, I was able to meet people from around campus, in particular Edye Levin, who allowed me to explore my love for event planning and student activities. She took me on as an independent study student so I could see what student activities would be like as a career. I learned that this is my passion and what I hope to do after college!

What keeps you busy outside of classes? I am involved with many different clubs on campus, including Greek life, student event planning (such as Winter Carnival and Homecoming), student government, and our annual Spring Fling weekend!

What have you learned to love while at Plymouth State? What isn’t there to love?! The ability to be involved on campus is awesome. It makes Plymouth feel like home! The campus itself is beautiful, with the Mary Lyon lawn being one of my favorite places on campus. The downtown area is very lively with a little something for everyone, although my personal favorite is Café Monte Alto, where they serve the best coffee and baked goods!

What advice would you give future students? Get involved! I spent my first semester in Ireland through the Limerick Freshman Study Abroad program and was very busy with traveling and being involved in various clubs. When I returned to campus, I was worried that I would need the semester to adjust back to college life and didn’t join any clubs or student organizations. I ended up feeling bored and not really being able to find my niche here at Plymouth. I signed up for the orientation program the following summer and became involved in many different clubs and orgs through the people I worked with, and it has made such a difference! So seriously, sign up for three clubs, one that might be similar to one you might have done in high school, one that is similar to what you are studying, and one that is a bit out of your comfort zone! You won’t regret it!

What is your plan after graduation? My plan is to work in higher education, possibly in admissions or student activities!