Student Spotlight: Christopher Desir ’20

Name: Christopher (Chris) Desir
Class: 2020
Major: Marketing/Professional Sales
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Sport: Football
President of the Marketing Association of Plymouth State (MAPS)

Intern for International Sales Group at Reed Exhibitions

Why did you choose Plymouth State? 

I chose Plymouth because I was looking for an opportunity to continue playing football but also for a change of scenery and a different perspective. Coming from a big city like Stamford, I never get to see the majestic views of the mountains and the stars so that was nice stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on something new. Plymouth gave me opportunity to find myself in ways I couldn’t have before and that’s what I feel every first-year student should look into at first, whether a school is going to help grow you as a student and as an individual.

What keeps you busy outside of classes?

What doesn’t? Ever since I arrived I’ve been busy. I just made sure to stay as involved as possible with sports, student organizations, and social life, of course. There’s so much to do on campus it’s harder to be bored than find nothing to do.

Why do you enjoy Plymouth State?

The people, the environment, the pride–it’s a mixture of all those. I feel like I’m a part of something larger than myself when I’m at Plymouth. I’m part of a strong community and the relationships I’ve made here will last way after we get our diplomas. The way I’ve grown as a person speaks volumes to what Plymouth State does and the way I’m treated like a person and not just another tuition check.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I intend on going into sales and somewhere along the line branch out into entrepreneurship and own my own brand. I plan to be one of the biggest donors to Plymouth State after I’ve established myself; maybe they’ll name a building after me.

Is it difficult to balance being president of such a large-scale student organization (MAPS) and a full-time student? 

Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and then I take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember, “pressure makes diamonds.” Plus I have a wonderful executive board and co-president behind me so it makes things run a lot smoother because of them. I also am now on the business student advisory board so that’s another thing that’s going to tie up my hands but I can’t wait to start.

What is the best piece of advice you have to offer incoming students?

Get involved and don’t be shy to network, it’s how the world spins; talk to people, talk to people, talk to people! Opportunities can arrive out of nowhere so put yourself out there, establish a name for yourself, and build your personal brand. Another small piece of advice would be to go to class.

What’s the best meal you can get in Plymouth?

Probably a Zamboa sandwich from Beidermans, best thing I’ve had in my life, or second place would go to a Buffalo chicken calzone from Keith’s.