Quarantine Chronicles Pt I: Junior Boley ’22

Week One

News of the coronavirus infecting the first person in the United States breaks, and it’s a lady who resides in Seattle, Washington. I’m just in class thinking first off, there is no way it is going to get to New Hampshire, and secondly, I’m young and healthy so I should be fine. Two days later as I’m eating lunch before class one of my friends shows me news of New Hampshire’s first corona case in my county—I knew it was getting serious.

As I was going home for break I heard talk about us not coming back so I made sure I packed a few extra things and brought all my books. Moving back home is completely different from my situation on campus. For starters I have three little sisters living with me, all young, energetic, and yeah you guessed it, loud! My youngest sister, Lucie, just turned five the day before I got back so it’s been good to see her and give her some birthday love.

On campus I share a suite with three other people, but we have our own rooms and it’s never too loud. My brother’s not home so I get my room to myself, however being home from college feels more like being at a hotel than at home. Obviously, I spent most of my life here, but I have gotten comfortable sleeping on campus for the last two years. So that’s another adjustment I have had to make mentally and physically.

I was at home watching Netflix when I got the e-mail from President Birx, informing us that campus will be closed for the semester and classes will all be moved to online. This news was very shocking and a tough pill to swallow. I was looking forward to getting back to school, my friends, and the Plymouth community.

All in all, being home is nice but to be honest, I wish I was on campus.