Quarantine Chronicles Pt II: Brian Morrell ’20

Week Two

The biggest difference from week one to week two was the transition from my house in Plymouth to my house in Bristol, CT. As I mentioned I wanted to go back and forth over the next few weeks to move some stuff home, so I didn’t have to move out all at once. 

New Hampshire  

In Plymouth we don’t see the effects of the virus because New Hampshire does not have as many cases as Connecticut. The biggest difference in NH is that we have no classes, the shelves on the stores are not as stocked, and the main street business are starting to close. Things are much, much quieter.


When I got to CT there was not nearly as many people on the highways and backroads as there normally are. When I got to the gas station it was a pretty gross scene. I guess people don’t want to touch the gas pumps because I have never seen so many rubber gloves on the ground… don’t litter! The grocery stores look different with half of the people walking around have masks and there is tape on the ground to separate people making sure they are staying six feet apart.  

As far as schoolwork goes, we have been given the pass/fail option for some classes, but I can’t see myself taking part in any of that. I have continued to work on projects and assignments with some work tasks mixed in. I will continue to observe the changes that are taking place personally and the environment that I am in and report back soon 👍!