Quarantine Chronicles Pt II: Junior Boley ’22

Week Two

The first week starting online classes I was actually on campus as I went up to grab my things, but then decided to spend a few extra days on campus. Online classes were something I thought would be easy, but I was completely wrong because having classes online and not being able to meet in person makes things difficult. You do not get the daily reminders for assignments and you’re not as engaged as you would be in a classroom environment.

Online learning has its pros and cons. For starters, I’m an in-person learner and being able to ask questions and seeing things done in person helps me. Also, there is an intense requirement for self-discipline, which sometimes I lack because I’m used to doing my work on campus and not at home.

But on the other hand, being online gives me more flexibility, as most classes don’t have a specific due date. We just have assignments that are all due by the end of the semester. Most importantly, your class is no longer a five- to ten-minute walk. Open your phone, join the Zoom call, and get to learning. My one and only Zoom class, Organizational Communications, usually works like that for me. The class starts at 11:15 so I wake up at 11, brush up, and join the Zoom. It is a lot easier than being on campus and having to walk to class.

In regards to my daily schedule, when I do not have class I’m not going to lie, I have become very lazy. I sleep until one o’clock, yeah that’s right, one in the afternoon. After waking up and eating I usually go for a run or do an at-home workout. My teammates and I always send our workouts to the group chat. That way we can check in and make sure we are staying in shape daily. After that I get to playing video games for hours and that usually occupies me until two in the morning.

I know it sounds terrible but there is absolutely nothing to do while staying inside so that’s my excuse. It is safe to say a lot of our schedules are messed up during this unprecedented time, but we all have to do our part to stop the spread. Let’s flatten the curve and hopefully soon life can get back to normal.