Student Spotlight: Liv Gut ’22

Name: Liv Gut
Major: Communication and Media Studies with a double minor in Film and Anthropology/Sociology
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Lee NH
Clubs and/ or organizations: I am super involved on campus. I am the Vice President of Lambda Pi Eta (the Communication and Media Studies Honor Society), an Admissions Representative, an Orientation Leader, I was the Vice President of the Nicaragua Club, I was a TA for the CMS introductory course, and I also have had a variety of on- and off-campus jobs including being an office assistant and a student videographer.

What’s your favorite thing about Plymouth State
I love so many things about PSU, but I think my most favorite thing it has to offer is the Daily Paws. Bagels are easily my favorite food and having a bagel and coffee cafe at the center of campus, in the HUB, makes me excited to stop by on my way to work or class!

Why did you choose Plymouth State?
I mainly chose PSU because the major they offered catered exactly to my interests. I knew I wanted to do something creative as I have a strong passion for film and videography, but I felt a film major would be too limiting for me post-graduation. The CMS program here is perfect because it allows me to build my skillset which will allow me to take my career in any direction I want, while also exploring my creative interests.

What do you love most about your major?
What I love most about my major is the faculty within the department. As I have been going through the program my professors have taught me so much and instilled so much confidence in me as a CMS student. Each faculty member is incredibly intelligent and supportive and I feel as if they have played such a large role in preparing me for the real world when I graduate and I am very thankful for them!

What is the best opportunity that Plymouth has given you?
I grew up in New Jersey until I was 17 and when I moved to New Hampshire and came to Plymouth I learned there is a big culture for winter sports. Before starting at PSU, I had never set foot on skis before, but with our Ski Day and $5 lift tickets to Cannon, I have been allowed to learn how to ski. My friends and I have a tradition of going skiing every Saturday and it’s been very fun having the chance to become immersed in this part of the community.

What keeps you busy outside of classes?
Outside of classes, I have a very busy work and extracurricular schedule so you will likely find me at an org meeting or at one of my on-campus jobs (which I love!). If I’m not there, my friends and I like to spend time exploring the area by going for drives, finding new restaurants, hiking, swimming, and enjoying the environment we are lucky to live in.

What have you learned to love while at Plymouth State?
Before attending PSU I definitely would have considered myself a city person and not the outdoorsy type. However, being here has given me such an appreciation for nature! Being in the mountains is not only a beautiful environment to be surrounded by, but being in this environment has let me learn to love being in nature and getting outside.

What advice would you give future students?
I would advise future students to make the most of their time here and take advantage of every opportunity they can! You only get one college experience and you only get out of it what you put into it!