Carson Rogers

Assistant Professor of Practice
Phone: (603) 535-2969
Office: Exploration & Discovery, Hyde Hall, MSC 29, Plymouth, NH 03264

BA, UC Berkeley
Ph.D., UC Davis

Carson Rogers received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California (UC), Davis in 2017, after first earning his BA (with honors) in Pure Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2011. His research interests lie within the area of low-dimensional topology (`rubbery geometry’), largely focusing on the study of knots (loops of string) within 3-dimensional space. During his graduate studies, Carson discovered a deep passion for teaching and remained at UC Davis as a lecturer for a year after graduation. 

Following that, Carson (with his fiancé) moved to the east coast in the summer of 2018 and spent three years working in the Boston College Department of Mathematics, where he continued his research in knot theory while largely focusing on furthering his teaching abilities. He is now (in the summer of 2021) joining the faculty at PSU to entirely dedicate himself to this teaching mission. Beyond helping to expand and deepen the mathematical knowledge of those already focusing on mathematics, his primary goal is to make the subject as accessible and enjoyable as possible for those who lack interest in or fear the subject, struggle to see its relevance to their education, or who don’t consider themselves to be a 'math person.' (Spoiler: he will insist that anyone can make themselves into a math person!)

Courses Taught

MA 1900 Statistical Literacy in Today’s Society
MA 2110 Mathematics for PreK – Grade 3 Educators
MA 2300 Statistics I
MA 3540 Calculus III