Evelyn Stiller

Professor of Digital Media
Phone: (603) 535-2531
Office: Arts & Technologies, Hyde Hall Rm 415A, MSC 60, Plymouth, NH 03264


BS, MS, Ph.D., Florida State University

Evelyn Stiller has been involved in the computing industry for over ten years prior to pursuing her doctorate degree. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Florida State University in 1996, and started teaching in the Computer Science Department at Plymouth State University for over ten years. She is now involved in starting a digital media program in the Communications and Media Studies Department. She has been interested in making the use and study of technology appealing to women and underrepresented minorities for over twenty years and is interested in how computer-mediated communication differs between genders, races, and economic classes.

She is the daughter of German immigrants, and speaks fluent German as a result. She has traveled extensively in Europe, and has taught in (at the time) West Berlin for the University of Maryland during the 1989-90 school year, during which time the Berlin Wall fell. She has also taught in the Republic of Panama for Florida State University on two occasions and has done technical training in Nicaragua. Finally, she taught in Ireland for one semester for PSU.

She is currently working on a cluster project called Program2Play, where students play games by programming the behavior of a character in each game. Students learn to program by taking on progressively harder games. Each game allows a trial-and-error-style dialogue with the game. This approach to learning/teaching is called bricolage and is at the heart of my Science of Animation Programming course.

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