Frederick Prince

Frederick Prince

Phone: (603) 535-2253
Office: Exploration & Discovery, Boyd Science Center Rm 220, MSC 48, Plymouth, NH 03264


BS, Pennsylvania State University; MS, PhD, Ohio University

Dr. Prince has always been interested in nature and feels rooted in the outdoors, having been raised in northeastern Pennsylvania dairy country. After graduate school and working in Ohio for a number of years he moved to Plymouth in 1985. Dr. Prince’s research interests and publications have been in various areas of cell biology including neuron and synaptic ultrastructure, human muscle fibers and adaptations with exercise, myelin development, steroid-cell structure and development and mitochondrial structure. His interests in environmental areas has not waned.

Selected Publications – Scientific

Invited Book Chapter: The Human Leydig Cell: Functional Morphology and Developmental History (2007) in: Contemporary Endocrinology: The Leydig Cell in Health and Disease, Humana Press.

Prince FP and Buttle KR. Mitochondrial structure in steroid-producing cells: three-dimensional reconstruction of human Leydig cell mitochondria by electron microscopic tomography. AnatRed (2004); 278A, 454-461.

Prince FP. Lamellar and tubular associations of the mitochondrial cristae: unique forms of the cristae present in steroid-producing cells. Mitochondrion (2002); 1, 381-389.

Prince FP. The triphasic nature of leydig cell development in humans, and comments on nomenclature. J Endocrinol (2001); 168, 213-216.

Prince FP. Ultrastructural evidence of indirect and direct autonomic innervation of human Leydig cells: Comparison of neonatal, childhood and pubertal ages. Cell and Tissue Research (1992); 269, 383-390.

Prince FP, Hikida RS and Hagerman FC. Human muscle fiber types in power lifters, distance runners and untrained subjects. European Journal of Physiology (1976); 363, 19-26.

Selected Publications – General

“Old Yard Sales of New England,” May/June 2011 issue of Gray’s Sporting Journal

“Reflections on Backwoods Brook Trout Fishing,” May/June 2011 New Hampshire Wildlife Journal

“Trout Fishing in the 1640s,” Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Fly Fishing Edition, March/April 2013

“Where I Wanted to Be,” Grays’ Sporting Journal, May/June 2014

“Winter Caribou,” Gray’s Sporting Journal, September/October 2016

Book published, May 2018 – Backwoods Brook Trout: Stories of Time and Place


NIH Grant (1988) to study the developmental history of Leydig cells. This was the first NIH Grant ever awarded to Plymouth State

Courses Taught

Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (BI 2110 and BI 2120)
Cell Structure and Function (BI 4100)
Electron Microscopy Techniques (4460)
Animal Physiology (4770)
General Biology (Subsequently replaced by BIDI 1220 and BIDI 1320)