Jacqui Nelson

Jacqui Nelson

Coordinator of Veteran Services
Teaching Lecturer
Office: Office of Student Life, Hartman Union Building Rm 037, MSC 54, Plymouth, NH 03264

BA, Plymouth State University (2009)
MA, Norwich University (2011)

Jacqui enthusiastically returned to her alma mater in 2016 on the opposite side of the classroom. She teaches survey courses, including War in US History, Creating a Nation, and US Society in the Vietnam Era, as well as upper-level courses like Revolutionary America, the Civil War and Reconstruction, World War II, the Cold War, Ancient War, and the History of Piracy. Her classroom presents a rather traditional approach to college education with the professor lecturing from the front of the room, but her content is anything but traditional. With professor and student alike cracking jokes, memes to wrap up every lesson, and thoughtful conversations of the humanity, ethics, and societal impacts of conflict, lectures turn into meaningful and memorable learning experiences.

Jacqui is also a regular contributor to colleague Kelsie Eckert’s Remedial Herstory Project, which seeks to promote women’s history, and is in the process of writing a book about the Battles of Trenton and Princeton from the American Revolutionary War.

She also serves at Plymouth State’s Interim Coordinator of Military Services, which is an office created to support military students (active, discharged, retired, and dependents) through their educational journey. For information about the Office of Military Services, please visit www.psumilitary.com or visit our pages on Instagram or Facebook.

Please feel free to contact Professor Nelson at jenelson@plymouth.edu.

Instagram: @plymouthstatehistory_sse and @plymouthstatemilitary