Jonathan Dapra

Jonathan Dapra

Assistant Professor
Phone: (603) 535-2505
Office: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Hyde Hall Rm 112, MSC 27, Plymouth, NH 03264


BS, Marketing, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MBA, Strategy, University of Baltimore
Doctorate in Business Administration, Leadership Assessment & Development, Argosy University


Jonathan Dapra specializes in strategy and leadership development. His award-winning book, “From 50 to 500,” explores challenges leaders of small-to-midsized companies face as they endeavor to grow their business and unlocks the secrets to high-impact leadership. Dapra has over 25 years of diverse experience as an executive, entrepreneur, trainer, and coach. He has considerable experience in early-stage companies. small business, and institutional investment. Dr. Dapra is one of the founders of Alaric Inc., a global assessment firm specializing in small- to midsize-business strategy and leadership.

In 2024, in collaboration with Dr. Roxana Wright, his textbook, Strategy 2.0: A Toolkit for Achieving Innovation and Competitive Advantage was published and announced at the Accreditation for College Business School Programs (ACBSP) national conference as the first-ever book, tools, and e-learning platform approved by the accreditor to meet the culminating business experience (Standard 6.1.4) required of all ACBSP business programs.

Professor Dapra began his career at the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. He was the President of AutoFX, a major developer of digital effects and Photoshop plugins. As VP of New Product Development at Dynamic Graphics, he oversaw the turnaround of the well-known Step-By-Step Magazine. He was President of Pandromeda3D and founded the gaming middleware company Meta4 Interactive. He later joined The Early Start Fund. Dr. Dapra helped Education Management Corporation (EDMC) to develop one of the industry’s first fully-online undergraduate graphic design degree programs accredited by the Middle States Accreditation Commission of Higher Education.  

Awards & Recognition

Dr. Dapra was selected as the 2019 Rosenblum Endowed Professor. He has been thrice nominated for Plymouth State’s distinguished Transformative Teaching Award and was the 2024 finalist for the University’s Distinguished Undergraduate Faculty Award.

His book, From 50 to 500 received the 2024 silver medal from the Nonfiction Writers Association, and is a finalist for ‘Best International Business Book’ to be announced at the 2024 Business Book Awards ceremony in London, England.

He is a frequently sought speaker, consultant, and contributor across the range of academic, practitioner, and business arenas.  

Educational Commitment

Dr. Dapra’s teaching philosophy is direct and sincere:

“My goal is to create an environment where students exceed their own expectations. I am their biggest cheerleader because I know what they are capable of achieving. I explain, early on, that everyone has the capacity for success. The X-factor is their effort. I have a master plan for each of them—and if they collaborate with me, we will ensure they develop the distinct, predictive capabilities that result in career success.”



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