Geology (Minor)

Geology (Minor)
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Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University.

Course Title Credits
Take one of the following Intro Courses: 3-4
ESDI 1100
Resource Management - an Earth Systems Science (ESS) Approach (SIDI)
ESDI 2610
Earth Systems Science: The Hazardous Earth (SIDI)
GEDI 1200
Environmental Geography (SIDI)
GEDI 2400
Mapping Our World: Creating Realities (CTDI)
Required Courses:
ESP 2110Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy II4
ESP 3335Environmental Geology (TECO)4
Take two of the following courses:6-8
ESP 3700
Medical Geology (WECO)
ESP 3400
Life in the Universe (INCO,INCP)
ESP 3310
ESP 4200
Natural Hazards: Science and Policy
ESP/MT 4440
Climate Change (INCO,INCP)
Total Credits17-20

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