Anthropology/Sociology (Minor)

Anthropology/Sociology (Minor)
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Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
ANDI 1205Artifacts, Customs & Fossils: Studying Humans through Anthropological Prespectives (SIDI)4
or AN 2100 Foundations of Anthropology (GACO)
SODI 2205Exploring Social Life (SSDI)4
or SO 2225 Foundations of Sociology (DICO)
AN/SO3000/4000 level Anthropology or Sociology courses8
Total Credits16

Students may substitute one of the following courses for either a 2000-level or a 3000-level Anthropology/Sociology course, depending upon the level of the substitution:

Course Title Credits
May substitute for one 2000-level elective:
BIDI 1400Plagues and Peoples (PPDI)3
CJ 2080Crime and Criminals4
GE 2002Human Geography3
PODI 1101Citizen Politics (SSDI)4
PODI 1051Global Problems, Power and Politics (SSDI)4
PODI 1056Humanitarianism: Working in the Global Community (PPDI)4
SW 2200Introduction to Social Work4
OR May substitute for one 3000-level elective:
CJ 3075Race, Class, Crime and Justice (DICO)4
CJ 3515Women and Crime (DICO,GACO)4
HE 3700Drug Behavior (WECO)3
HE 4100Women's Health Issues (WECO)3
SS 3705Social Statistics (QRCO)4
SW 3300Mental Health and Society (GACO)3
SW 3490Diversity and Oppression3

Program Coordinator, Anthropology/Sociology
Associate Professor
Phone: (603) 535-2424
Office: Tourism, Environment & Sustainable Societies, Rounds 311, MSC 39, Plymouth, NH 03264

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