Peace and Social Justice Studies (Minor)

Peace and Social Justice Studies (Minor)
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Offered by the Peace and Social Justice Studies Council
Council: Gary A. McCool, Filiz Ruhm, Sheryl L. Shirley, Katherine M. Tardif, Metasebia Woldemariam

Peace and social justice may be the most important subjects of serious study in the 21st century. Ignorance of the conditions that promote and hinder the development of peace and social justice has led to oppression, civil conflict, and war. This subject—including human rights, economics and society equality, global poverty, militarization, climate change, and conflict resolution—is everybody’s business, not merely that of the generals, government leaders or the global elite. This minor, which allows students to select courses from a wide interdisciplinary array of choices, will inform and empower students to make a difference for peace and social justice in our world today.

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Course Title Credits
Gateway Course
Complete one of the following:3-4
CM 2915
Communication and Leadership
PO 1035
World Politics (GACO)
PODI 1056
Humanitarianism: Working in the Global Community (PPDI)
PODI 1101
Citizen Politics (SSDI)
Upper-level Courses
Complete two of the following:6-8
CJ 3157
Society, Ethics, and the Law (DICO)
CM 3485
Global Perspectives in the Media (GACO)
IS 4360
Cultural Diversity and American Society (DICO,INCO,INCP)
PO 3255
Model United Nations (GACO,INCO,INCP)
PY 3560
Philosophical Perspectives on War and Peace (GACO,INCO,INCP)
Domestic Issues
Complete one of the following:3-4
CJDI 1030
The Individual and the Law (SSDI)
IS 4370
Hispanic Culture in the United States (DICO,INCO,INCP)
LIDI 2025
Queer Language, Culture, and Identity (DICO,SSDI)
PS 3035
Social Psychology
PYDI 1050
Building a Civil Society (SSDI)
PYDI 1130
Ethics and Everyday Life (SSDI)
PY 3345
Military Ethics (GACO)
PY 3720
Philosophy of Law (DICO,INCO,INCP)
SO 3065
Social Problems
Global Issues
Complete one of the following:3-4
HIDI 1455
Roots of Current Global Conflicts (PPDI)
PODI 1045
Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (PPDI)
PODI 1051
Global Problems, Power and Politics (SSDI)
PO 3305
Latin American Politics (GACO,WRCO)
PO 3355
Women in World Politics
PO 3505
Politics and Conflict in the Middle East (GACO,INCO,INCP)
Total Credits15-20

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