Welfare and Justice for Children and Youth (Minor)

Welfare and Justice for Children and Youth (Minor)
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Offered by: Welfare and Justice for Children and Youth Council
Council: Jessica Dutille, Stephanie Halter, Pamela Chiang, Alison Buchholz, Laura Dykstra.

The Welfare and Justice for Children and Youth minor provides students the opportunity to develop  professional skills for working with youth across multiple systems. Increasing knowledge of children and youth’s development, especially brain development and the impact of trauma on development, a growing focus on crossover youth and the growing use of a balanced and restorative approach across many social institutions (e.g., schools, court diversion, prevention/intervention/diversion programs and institutional/correctional settings) has left many agencies that serve children and youth challenged to hire qualified individuals. To make a difference in the lives of some of the most at-risk children and youth in our society today, agencies need qualified staff equipped with the necessary skills to effectively engage and support this unique population.

Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
CJ 3110Youth and Crime4
CJ 3600Restorative Justice Practice with Youth4
SW 2300Case Management and Advocacy3
SW 3150Child Maltreatment3
Complete one course from the following:2-4
CM 2915
Communication and Leadership
ED 2400
Child and Youth Development in Context (WECO)
ED 2550
Mentoring & Empowering Youth
ED 2800
Inclusive Education and Technology (TECO)
SW 3130
Child Welfare and Family Services (DICO)
SW 3490
Diversity and Oppression
Total Credits16-18

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