Sponsored Programs Administration

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) assists the University System of New Hampshire’s (USNH) research community in its efforts to  secure external funding by providing high quality administrative, contracting and financial services to ensure proper stewardship of those funds and to minimize the risk to university resources.

Our purpose is to support and enhance USNH’s reputation while working to achieve strategic goals with broad services in the following areas: proposal development and submission, contracting, post-award management and administrative guidance. SPA is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with proposals, negotiation of grant and contract terms and conditions, financial and administrative management of grants and contracts, and training on research administration topics. SPA is an experienced resource for faculty and staff who engage in research and scholarly activities and who work to advance our strategic goals through externally supported projects and programs.

SPA’s responsibilities include the following functions, activities, and services:

Pre-award Compliance (PAC)

Proposal and Submission Services

  • Aids in interpreting application guidelines and sponsor requirements
  • Provides budget development services and support
  • Provides assistance in the completion of administrative portions
  • Review proposals, ensuring budgets are appropriate and application forms are complete and correct
  • Ensure proposals meet campus approval requirements
  • Manages proposal submission
  • Track proposal submissions, awards, rejections and resubmissions

Award negotiation and award acceptance

  • Aid in interpreting terms and conditions as well as sponsor requirements for grants and contracts
  • Negotiate contract terms and conditions with sponsors
  • Provide institutional signature for all award documents
  • Establish sponsored award

Subaward Services

  • Offer guidance at each stage of the subaward lifecycle to include proposal, issuance, management, and closeout
  • Draft and negotiate subawards
  • Draft and negotiate subaward modifications
  • Complete regular and ongoing subaward compliance checks and monitoring activities
  • Manage closeout of subawards

The Support Team for the Administration of Research (STAR)

Post-award management

  • Sponsored Account Management
  • Monthly Account Reconciliation
  • Quarterly Review of Sponsored Accounts with the Principal Investigator
  • Labor Planning and Projections
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Assist in interpreting sponsor guidelines and conditions as well as institutional policies

Post-award administration

  • Establish and manage sponsored project accounts in USNH Financial System – Banner
  • Complete invoicing and financial reporting requirements
  • Provide cash management services
  • Manager closeout of awards

Accounting & Financial Compliance

Compliance Services

  • Aid in effort reporting and certification
  • Aid in documenting cost sharing/matching funds
  • Assist with equipment purchases as well as foreign travel approval
  • Coordinate and assist with internal and external audits and required sponsor financial reviews
  • Provide research community workshops and trainings on research administration

Compliance Services

Research Development: Della Kapocius

Pre-Award Compliance: Dianne Hall

Support Team for the Administration of Research

Primary Contact: Kerri Henchey

Inquiries can also be sent to: SPA.Team2@unh.edu

PSU Indirect Cost & Fringe Benefit Rates

Indirect Cost:
63.9% of salaries/wages; 21.1% off-campus

Fringe Benefits:
43.8% (full – AY); 8.1% (partial – summer)

Mileage Rate: $0.56/mi

Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA)