Special Education

Master of Education

PSU offers a Master of Education (MEd) in Special Education (non-certification), which is the most flexible option for students who are not interested in pursuing certification (see the program of study below).

In addition, students may choose from four programs of study:

Students may also pursue a post-master’s Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Special Education Administrator K-12 Certification.

Throughout your coursework, faculty will address issues such as development and characteristics of learners, learning differences, instructional strategies, special education law, and language.

Program of Study

Learning Theory Component – 6 credits

General Special Education Component – 15 credits

Electives (choose 4 courses) – 12 credits

LL 5003 Language Acquisition 3
LL 5004 Language and Linguistics 3
LL 5005 Foundations of TESOL Methodology 3
ND 5005 Understanding the Mind of a Learner 3
ND 5050 Attention and Memory in Learning 3
CO 5130 Psychopharmacology and the Biological Basis for Mental Health 3
SE 5190 Educational Testing 3
SE 5770 Behavioral Disorders in School Aged Children 3
SE 5570 Autism and Spectrum Disorders 3
SE 5563 PBIS: School-wide Approaches for All Students 3
SE 5564 PBIS: Comprehensive Approaches for Students with Intense & Chronic Needs 3
SE 5566 PBIS: Targeted Approaches for Students at Risk 3
SE 5568 PBIS: Facilitation Specialist as Coach and Resource Person 3

Capstone Experience

Total for MEd in Special Education – 36 credits