Climate Studies

Bachelor of Science

Plymouth State’s new BS Climate Studies degree is the only one of its kind in New Hampshire and one of very few in the entire nation. Featuring a core of atmospheric and environmental science courses and a large number of optional courses in focus areas, it allows students to follow their interests and skills and gain new ones in this important field.

Climate change, its causes, effects, mitigation, adaptation, policy, communication, and education are some of the most important issues of our time as well as our future. The needs go well beyond climate science and are highly interdisciplinary. Students gain a foundation in climate science, technical and communication skills, and have high flexibility in following one or more interdisciplinary paths (in art, business, communication, public policy, geographic information systems and mapping, or go deeper into a variety of science possibilities).

The flexibility of the program additionally allows students to add one or more relevant minor and certificate credentials (a list of possibilities is specified in the accompanying list of requirements). Career possibilities are many, and include the fields of climate communication/public education, emergency management, conservation, public policy, science journalism, formal education, planning, and a variety of different types of private industry and government jobs working in the various aspects of the climate problem, as well as delving deeper into the science. Finally, because this is a fast-changing field, our graduating students will have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, but will also be able to adapt and learn new tools.

The new Climate Studies degree joins the highly rated Plymouth State Meteorology program, sharing state of the art facilities and highly engaged faculty with diverse areas of expertise.