Computer Science & Technology

You’ve always wanted to be on the cutting edge. 

With a degree from Plymouth State University, you will have the knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills, and experience you need to solve real-world problems in the fields of computer science and information technology. Our department emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning built on top of extensive laboratory experience, individual interactions and support, and significant group projects.

Computer Science (BS)Information Technology (BS)Robotics (BS)

Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)

This program focuses on the design and development of software systems with an emphasis on the creation of new technology. Students will build a framework of conceptual knowledge and practical skills through core computer science courses.

A broad selection of electives offers the opportunity to delve into several of the application areas of computer science. Auxiliary courses in mathematics and science develop additional analytical skills necessary for success in the many computing specialties graduates typically choose.

Information Technology (Bachelor of Science)

The bachelor of science program in information technology provides students with knowledge and skills to apply computer technology to solve real-world problems. Coursework is available in data science, computer networks, and cybersecurity.

Robotics (Bachelor of Science)

This program is to educate students to build and design real-world automation systems, following a systems approach by integrating electromechanics, existing microcontrollers, and software. It provides students with both theoretical background and practical hands-on experiential learning, preparing them to become innovators, entrepreneurs, and connectors in a dynamic and complex field where teamwork is treasured. The program also connects computer science, electromechanics, and robotics with artistic design and interactive performance.


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