Criminology | Criminal Justice

If you’re interested in a career in law enforcement, court administration, corrections, juvenile services, or graduate or law school, Plymouth State University offers two options: the BA in criminology and the BS in criminal justice. Both offer challenging coursework, hands-on learning opportunities, and community-based internships that will help you build your leadership, communication, and collaborative skills. You’ll learn from faculty members who are leaders and professionals in their fields and are dedicated to helping you excel in your studies.


Criminology (Bachelor of Arts)

The BA program’s flexibility enables you to deepen your studies through minors such as anthropology/sociology, business administration, child welfare and family studies, computing, French, information technology, media studies, peace and social justice studies, political science, pre-law, professional communication, psychology, Spanish, or women’s studies.

Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Science)

The BS program focuses on career preparation by boosting your problem-solving techniques, and communication, computing, and technical writing skills, along with an appreciation for ethical and professional behavior. You will gain in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system while further developing your independent sense of self, with a tolerance toward others and the ability to work in diverse cultures.


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Cybersecurity | View Minor Requirements >

Cybercrime has become a significant global threat and concern of cybersecurity has evolved from a strictly technological challenge to a socio-economic issue. To address the multifaceted aspects of cybercrime and cybersecurity, this minor program aims to equip the students with necessary technical and legal backgrounds.