Environmental Science & Policy

The Environmental Science and Policy Program offers a variety of options for Plymouth State University students.

  • We offer two routes to a BS in Environmental Science and Policy
    • The science option allows you to gain a scientific understanding of our environment
    • With the policy option you will acquire a knowledge of the economic and governmental impacts for the environment.
  • We assist with the sustainability minor and our majors enjoy studying other minors.
  • There are also many other elective courses offered so that you can explore a wide range of environmental subjects

The BS degree in Environmental Science and Policy is designed to expand students’ understanding of the natural, social and physical dimensions of environmental issues. The program’s multidisciplinary approach helps students develop the ability to think analytically and creatively about environmental issues to be able to understand the scientific basis of environmental problems, as well as the social, political and economic factors that shape appropriate management and policy responses.  All majors take a core of integrated science and policy courses for a foundation and choose to specialize in either a science or policy option for upper level elective courses. Students are encouraged to pursue independent study, research, and internship experiences early in their academic careers; the Department provides STAR (Student Travel and Research Awards) to support students in such endeavors during the academic year as well as during the summers.  Graduates obtain jobs with natural resource organizations and state agencies as well as with private industries and consulting companies and some pursue advanced degrees in related fields.

Options available in Environmental Policy and Environmental Science.

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