Forensic Science

Bachelor of Science

The word “forensic” relates the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of a crime. Plymouth State’s forensic program is geared to both science and non-science students who love investigation and problem-solving, and is the first baccalaureate degree program of its kind from a public university in New Hampshire.

The collaborative and project-based emphasis of Plymouth State’s Cluster Learning model combined with core program studies in Criminal Justice and Chemistry along with specialized course work from Psychology, Computer Science, Biology, and Anthropology gives our students unmatched opportunity to excel in this field.  Professionals and distinguished faculty from each field will be involved in training our students. The BS in forensic science is a STEM-orientated program that emphasizes a solid theoretical foundation and laboratory skills while cultivating a critical, detail-oriented approach to investigations. The curriculum features modern laboratory setups and instrumentation.  An important consideration is given the huge surge in interest in careers that are experiencing exponential occupational growth, including forensic laboratory specialty, forensic psychology, and computer information security.

As a Forensic scientist, you can work in laboratories or at crime scenes. You may work as a private investigator, insurance officer, a cyber security analyst. You may choose to work for private and public offices or laboratories.

The curriculum is adaptable enough for students to obtain additional specialties and/or minors in Chemistry, Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Biology with few additional courses using their free electives.