History & Social Studies Education

Bachelor of Science

No matter what you major in, the History & Social Studies Education program will enrich your academic career and give you the valuable skills and methods of inquiry, analysis and synthesis that help you think like a historian. Our program is particularly strong in United States, global and women’s histories. Upper-level courses are rotated in order to maximize your chance to learn about a wide variety of subjects.

Why do people enjoy studying history? There are many reasons: for the shock of finding familiar behavior across wide reaches of time and culture, for the puzzle of trying to understand practices alien to their own, for the challenge of mastering information about human life in the past, or for the insight to handle contemporary social concerns.

Two Program Options

BS history and social studies education majors take a shared core of history classes to build broad historical content knowledge and the key historical skills of research, analysis, and communication. 

Students in the BS history option take five additional history courses beyond the core, distributed across United States, European, and world history. Students who wish to pursue a teaching license choose the BS social studies education (5-12) option. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information about these two options.

A minor in history is also offered.