At PSU Math, student success is our highest priority. We are devoted to helping you succeed in college and begin your career. PSU Math delivers high impact education. Math is an ancient and evolving field, and thus covering math content alone is not enough. We help you learn how to learn and how to question the world around you. We employ modern teaching practices and create many opportunities for exploration and collaboration.

Opportunities and support for math majors include


Mathematics (Bachelor of Science)

The general purpose of this degree is to provide a program of study in mathematics fostering general mathematical reasoning and the development of the mathematical tools needed for success. Students wishing to pursue a career as a certified mathematics teacher should choose either the Middle School Teacher Certification or Secondary Teacher Certification option.

Mathematical Data Sciences (Bachelor of Science)

An interdisciplinary mathematics program that emphasizes computer science, experimentation, and data collection. Mathematics provides students with methods and theory that live at the heart of problem solving and data analysis in the physical sciences, engineering, and innovative industries. Combining mathematics with computer science gives students the practical skills necessary to employ their theoretical mathematics knowledge and develop algorithms to address problems in the real world.

Required Options in this Major
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Criminal Justice
  • Physical Meteorology
  • Psychology
  • Weather Analysis


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