Social Work

Bachelor of Science


DescriptionDegree Requirements

Social Work is a specialized degree that prepares students for generalist social work practice in a wide range of settings to work with children, youth, families and adults. The curriculum has a solid foundation in the liberal arts, focusing on the biological, psychological and social sciences, as well as the knowledge, skills and values of the social work profession. In addition to entry-level practice, the degree prepares students to pursue graduate education in social work and other related fields.

The curriculum provides content in human behavior and the social environment, social welfare policy and services, practice theory and skills, research and field education. The field education component (450 supervised hours) provides students with a hands-on learning experience at human service agencies throughout New Hampshire. The curriculum and field assignments  integrate content on values and ethics, human diversity, populations-at-risk and the promotion of social and economic justice.


Degree Requirements (120 Credits)


SW 2200 Introduction to Social Work 4
SW 2300 Case Management & Advocacy 3
SW 2400 Professional Writing for Social Workers 1
SW 3050 Perspectives on Aging (WECO) 3
SW 3450 Social Welfare Policy and Services 3
SW 3490 Diversity & Oppression 3
SW 3610 Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention I 4
SW 3520 Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention II 3
SW 3530 Theory and Practice of Social Work Intervention III 3
SW 3660 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 4
SW 4020 Social Work Research Methods (TECO) 3
SW 4430 Social Work Practicum 12
SW 4550 Social Work Integrative Seminar (WRCO) 3
Children and Families Elective – complete one of the following: 3
SW 3130 Child Welfare and Family Services (DICO)
SW 3150 Child Maltreatment
Health and Mental Health Elective – complete one of the following: 3
SW 3300 Mental Health and Society (GACO)
SW 3500 Health and Society (GACO) (WECO)
PS 2010 Introduction to General Psychology 3
SO 2220 Foundations of Sociology (DICO) 4
Quantitative Reasoning in the Discipline Connection – complete one of the following: 3
MA 2300 Statistics I (QRCO)
SS 3700 Social Statistics (QRCO)
SW 3700 Social Statistics (QRCO)
General Education:
EN 1200 Composition 3
IS 1111 The First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry 3
MA Mathematics Foundations 3
CTDI Creative Thought Directions 6
PPDI Past and Present Directions 6
SIDI Scientific Inquiry Directions 6-8
INCO Integration Connection 3
Electives 20, which may include:
Social Work Electives
SW 3800 Social Work Internship 1-9
SW 4550 requires a minimum grade of C in the required Social Work (SW) foundation courses and a minimum major grade point average of 2.50 (all courses required for the major).

*All course information is from the 2017-2018 Catalog.


Child Welfare & Family Studies


Health & Human Enrichment Cluster