Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies students group

The interdisciplinary studies (IDS) major provides a unique opportunity for students to build their own program that meets personal intellectual interests and career objectives. The major, which leads to either a BA or BS degree, provides flexibility as students are encouraged to use their intellectual curiosity, imagination, energy, and passion as building blocks to design a customized program of study that combines academic interests.

Plymouth State’s interdisciplinary studies program is one of fewer than 50 university programs nationwide to be a supporting member of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies and is one of the leading undergraduate interdisciplinary programs in the Northeast. Every year since 2015, has named Plymouth State as one of the top universities in the country for interdisciplinary studies.

Students in the IDS program are empowered to address complex issues as citizens of their community, nation, and planet. They are inspired to think more broadly, contextually, and systemically; encouraged to seek out diverse perspectives; and supported as they engage in integrated thinking.

IDS is a great choice for all sorts of students: first-year students with a creative idea for a major, or continuing students looking to make a change in path before graduation; transfer students and those returning to college after many years away who want to combine their existing credits with new directions; and anyone who prefers to study off the beaten path.

Programs of Study

Panther Spotlight

  • Jack Vachon
    Vachon transferred to PSU after earning an associate’s degree. He was initially a marketing major, then switched to business management, and ultimately found his way to the interdisciplinary studies program. His self-designed major on data analysis was complemented by a minor in history.
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