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From Isolation to Community


Location and Hours: Silver Center for the Arts, open Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm

Exhibition Dates: October 16, 2021- February 18, 2022

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 16, 5-7pm

Co-Curators: Suzan Gannett (Suzan Gannett Creations) and Maundy Mitchell (Maundy Mitchell Photography)

Exhibition Description:

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the Plymouth Region’s artists and artisans, isolating them from not only the ways they had shared or sold their artworks, but also from their communities and local experiences that had often inspired and supported their practice. But, even in these dark times, there were positives. The isolation encouraged introspection and focus, elicited reflection on life before the pandemic, an appreciation of in person connections, and demanded learning, growth, and new creative strategies.  As a large and diverse group, artists in this area responded in their own individual ways, but there are common threads. As the Plymouth region reopens and recovers, this exhibition aims to tell the story of our shared experience, our resilience, and our growth.

This exhibition is open to the public Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm at Silver Center for the Arts.

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Suzan Gannett is a multi-media artist. She works in watercolors, and digital painting.  Over the last six years, she has written and illustrated 28 children’s books.  She is a jeweler, creating her own flame work glass beads that she incorporates into her one of a kind jewelry.  She collaborates with wood turner, Fred Kelsey by pyrographing his turned candles, bowls and platters. Mrs. Gannett is President of Artistic Roots, a cooperative gallery and teaching center in Plymouth, NH. Her work is available at the Gallery and on her website,  She is a frequent teacher at the Artistic Roots, sharing her skills with others.  She continues to grow her own skills through a variety of workshops and classes at Snow Farm and Haystack and in her collaborations with professor emeritus, Annette Mitchell.  She is a member of the Women’s Council of the Arts of New Hampshire.
Maundy Mitchell is an internationally acclaimed portrait photographer. She runs her portrait studio, Maundy Mitchell Photography, in Plymouth, NH. She has exhibited her work throughout the U.S., and her photos have been published in magazines, on billboards, and online nationally and internationally. She is an Associate Level Photographer with The Portrait Masters International, a member of the Professional Photographer’s Association of America, the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, NH Society of Photographic Artists, the Magic Hour Foundation Photographer Network, and the Women’s Caucus for Art. She holds a trademark on the phrase, “People are beautiful”, which is her core belief as a photographer.


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