The Habits of Mind Experience (HoME)

Students in a social science class


Plymouth State’s HoME program will equip you to make your mark—in college, in work, and in life.

You’ll gain a broad perspective on ideas and an awareness of diverse human experiences and cultures while developing new skills, confidence, and ways of engaging with the world.

These four powerful “Habits of Mind” are central to our reinvention of traditional General Education programs.

Purposeful Communication

Allied health students

At Plymouth State, your knowledge and experiences are valued. You’ll learn from others, promote discussion, and become better equipped to promote understanding and effect change.

Problem Solving

No matter your field of study, creative, flexible thinking are keys to making good decisions. You’ll learn effective ways to explore problems and describe challenges while envisioning possible solutions.

Social Science student writing on the whiteboard

Integrated Perspective

Meteorology students in the field

Everyone brings their personal experiences to the table, and together, we’re better. You’ll learn new ways to benefit by engaging and learning from fellow students, faculty and staff, and community partners.

Self-Regulated Learning

You’ll become more confident in your learning skills and in generating your own ideas through new abilities in organizing and interpreting information.  

Biology student