Share and Save Through Open Education

Student and professor in classroom

Recognizing that too many students struggle to afford expensive textbooks, Plymouth State has achieved dramatic savings in finding low- or no-cost alternatives. The University is a leader in the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and has saved students and their families nearly $2 million since embracing the cost-saving strategy in 2015.

Open Education is one of the keys to Cluster Learning, and a growing number of PSU faculty are creating openly licensed texts in place of commercial textbooks. You can be involved as well through opportunities to take existing materials and improve on them by adding new tech components and other updates.

Plymouth State encourages your voice and research to be heard to benefit other students who may be on-campus or around the world. “We encourage our students to think of knowledge as something you don’t just get for yourself but something you learn so that you can share,” says Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Matt Cheney.