Art Education

Master of Arts in Teaching

The MAT in Art Education, K-12 Certification concentration is a 36-credit program. Students in this concentration are required to take the equivalent of our professional art education courses: Foundations of Art Education, Methods and Materials in Art Education, Instructional Planning and Pedagogy in Art Education, and Curriculum and Assessment in Art Education. Individual cases will be reviewed to determine studio and art history preparation relative to certification competencies. Additional coursework may be required and will be determined on an individual basis.

Certification-only Option: Students would complete 27 credits as listed below, excluding the Master’s Core Component.

5th Year Option: PSU undergraduate students interested in pursuing this graduate program should contact Dr. Jason Swift, the graduate program coordinator, for more information.

Use the Course Planning Matrix to see when Art Education courses will be offered.

Master’s Core Component – 9 Credits

Learning Theory Component – 9 Credits

Content Area Component – 9 Credits
(Choose 9 credits from the following)

Capstone Experience – 9 Credits

Minimum Total for MAT in Art Education, K-12 Certification – 36 credits

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