Education Technology Integrator

Master of Education

NCATE and other professional organizations across the country have repeatedly emphasized the importance of technology in the classroom for both educators and students. As a result, the New Hampshire Department of Education has created standards for Education Technology Integrator certification. The Education Technology Integrator K–12 Certification concentration prepares educators to use computers and related technologies to improve their ability to integrate technology into their curriculum and classroom, while simultaneously enhancing the educator’s professional growth and productivity. This concentration is designed around International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) basic competency standards in educational computing and technology literacy, as well as the competencies for New Hampshire certification for Technology Educator.

Use the Course Planning Matrix to see when Education Technology Integrator courses will be offered.

Students may choose from the following options:

MEd in Education Technology Integrator, K-12 Certification
MEd in Education Technology Integrator and Library Media Specialist, Dual K-12 Certification
Education Technology Integrator, K-12 Certification Only
MEd in Education Technology Integrator, non-certification


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