Library Media

Plymouth State University offers a Master’s of Education (MEd) in Library Media as well as several certification options. The innovative Library Media program focuses on educational leadership and emerging technologies in order to empower school librarians to define their role as leaders, teachers, and researchers.

The MEd and certification options are offered completely online by a dedicated team of educators.

Students may also choose from the following:

  • MEd in Library Media: Students complete 33 credits as listed below.
  • Library Media Specialist – K-12, certification only: Students complete 18 credits as listed below, excluding the master’s core component and the elective component.
  • Library Media, non-certification: Students complete ED 6900 Graduate Capstone Project in place of LM 5210 Practicum in School Media as listed below.

Program of Study

Master’s Core Component – 9 credits

Library Media Courses – 18 Credits

LM 5010 Learning Resources Centers and Services - 3 graduate credits
LM 5020 Cataloging and Curation - 3 graduate credits
LM 5030 Reference and Research - 3 graduate credits
LM 5040 Integrating Technology in the School - 3 graduate credits
LM 5210 Practicum in School Media - 3 graduate credits
LM 5300 Advanced Children and Young Adult Literature - 3 graduate credits
LM 5500 Special Topics in Library Media Studies - 1-3 graduate credits
LM 5910 Independent Study - 1-3 graduate credits

Elective Component – 6 credits

With your advisor, you’ll choose six credits of electives appropriate for your program of study.

Total for MEd in Library Media K-12 Certification – 33 Credits

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