Our Learning Model

Integrated Clusters

Today’s digital, interconnected age has disrupted traditional industries, and you want more than a just traditional college degree for career success. At Plymouth State, Integrated Clusters will give you the vital critical thinking and collaboration skills prized by employers.

You’ll work with students from other majors, and with faculty, regional partners, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, gaining real-world, résumé-boosting experience tackling “Wicked Problems” of your choice (from sustainability to social justice, and education to artificial intelligence—to name just a few). PSU students have helped to revitalize communities, address the opioid epidemic, and research pressing legal issues, among many other Cluster projects.

Integrated Clusters will energize your studies throughout your college career, beginning in your very first semester. Join us, and make a difference in your education, career prospects, and the world!

Real-World Projects

Plymouth State students work with faculty and community partners on projects that span multiple disciplines and develop a student’s understanding of and experience with dynamic teams. Explore example projects:

The Clusters

Arts & Technology Cluster

Exploration & Discovery Cluster

Health & Human Enrichment

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Education, Democracy & Social Change Cluster

Justice & Security

Tourism, Environment, and Sustainable Development