Health & Human Enrichment

Health & Human Enrichment

The mission of the Health and Human Enrichment cluster is to support, promote, and enhance quality of life for all through education, research, and partnerships. Integrative approaches are applied to project-based education, research, evidence-based practices, and transdisciplinary exploration advancing the art, science, and ethical awareness of human potential.

Real-World Cluster Project

Creating an Impactful Workplace Wellness Program

Students developed a worksite wellness program to be initiated by the Common Man Family of Restaurants throughout New Hampshire.

The Problem

New Hampshire’s Common Man Family of Restaurants wanted assistance in designing, implementing, and evaluating a new employee health and wellness program.

Awareness of the Issue

Students organized and conducted a health education and promotion needs assessment through employee forums, interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

Collaborative Team Projects

Students in the Health & Human Enrichment and Arts & Technologies clusters collaborated with the Common Man and the PSU Center for Active Living and Healthy Communities.

Proposal Presentations

Data was analyzed and a final report was formulated, branded, and produced in written documents.

Improved Outcomes

A formal presentation to Common Man stakeholders verified project benefits.

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Designing a Worksite Wellness Campaign with the Common Man Family
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