Physical Therapy (DPT)

Physical Therapy (DPT)
Doctor of Physical Therapy student
Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)

Plymouth State University is the first public institution of higher education in New Hampshire to offer a fully accredited Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Early opportunities for clinical practice sustained throughout the program aligns with the mission and vision of Plymouth State University, including our motto: Ut Prosim (That I may serve). Graduates will be positioned to enter the field ready to practice and for life-long learning, leadership, innovation, and transformation. The DPT Program is a 117-graduate-credit program run in a cohort-based model beginning in early June each year.

The DPT curriculum at Plymouth State University features hands on clinical practice experiences early and often. Students are involved in practice experiences starting with their first semester and throughout the entire curriculum whether on campus though the Integrated Clinical or off campus through Clinical Education. In addition to this highly practice oriented feature, the curriculum includes a theoretical depth and breadth commensurate with the broad Vision set by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) for the profession: “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”

The DPT graduate of Plymouth State University will be positioned to enter the field ready to practice and be positioned for lifelong learning, leadership, innovation and transformation. The curriculum’s required 117 graduate credits are a well balanced mix of foundational and clinical theory course work and clinical practice course work and experiences. Faculty and students work together to foster an environment, both in and out of the classroom, of learning and scholarship.


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Curriculum & Requirements

Curriculum Requirements

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
PTH 6110 Clinical & Functional Anatomy 4
PTH 6111 Clinical Physiology 3
PTH 6112 Ethics and Value Systems 2
PTH 6115 Patient/Client Management I 2
PTH 6116 Integrated Clinical I 1
PTH 6120 Neuroscience 4
PTH 6121 Musculoskeletal Conditions & Management 3
PTH 6122 Dynamic Systems I: Movement & Adaptation 3
PTH 6124 Clinical Inquiry I: Causality and Inference 3
PTH 6125 Patient/Client Management II 4
PTH 6127 Integrated Clinical II 1
PTH 6130 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology I 3
PTH 6131 Exercise Prescription & Nutrition 3
PTH 6132 Movement Systems 4
PTH 6133 Dynamic Systems II: Movement & Adaptation 3
PTH 6135 Patient/Client Management III 4
PTH 6137 Integrated Clinical III 1
Year Two
PTH 8210 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology II 3
PTH 8215 Patient/Client Management IV 5
PTH 8217 Integrated Clinical IV 2
PTH 8226 Clinical Education I 8
PTH 8227 Clinical Reflection I 1
PTH 8232 Psychosocial Systems 3
PTH 8235 Patient/Client Management V 6
PTH 8224 Clinical Inquiry II: Study Design 3
PTH 8237 Integrated Clinical V 2
Year Three
PTH 8316 Clinical Education II 8
PTH 8317 Clinical Reflection II 1
PTH 8322 Health Systems 6
PTH 8324 Capstone I 3
PTH 8234 Clinical Inquiry III: Models, Reviews & Guidelines 3
PTH 8327 Integrated Clinical VI 3
PTH 8336 Clinical Education III 10
PTH 8337 Clinical Reflection III 1
PTH 8334 Capstone II 1
 Total Credits117

Graduates of the PSU DPT Program will be competent, autonomous and collaborative Doctors of Physical Therapy that are prepared to provide evidence guided, knowledge based physical therapy practice to positively impact people’s lives and transform society as agents of change in their communities. Graduates of the PSU DPT Program will be prepared as health team leaders and advocates for innovation in the profession while being respectful, culturally sensitive and socially responsible.

Graduates will be positioned to enter the field of Physical Therapy ready to practice and for life-long learning, leadership, innovation, and transformation.

Admission Information

Prerequisite Requirements:
Anatomy & Physiology I and II (8 credits)
Chemistry I and II (8 credits)
Physics I and II (8 credits)
Biology (4 credits)
Statistics (3 credits)
Social/Behavioral Science (3 courses)

GPA Requirement:
Minimum of 3.0 overall
Minimum of 3.0 science courses

GRE Requirement:
Test scores for the GRE are optional, however they can be submitted to the PTCAS application for consideration. 

Application Review and Interviews:
Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility, it is then scored by a faculty member. Depending on the score, well qualified applicants will be invited for an interview. If the interview goes well you may be offered admission. Offers of admission are not guaranteed if interviewed.

Plymouth State is now accepting applications through the PT-CAS system. Application review will begin in the fall and continue through the priority deadline on March 1, 2024 deadline. Our DPT faculty will evaluate and interview prospective candidates for admission of highly qualified applicants beginning in December.

2023-24 Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Per Term (3 terms/year)

2023-24 Per Term Charges

NH Resident Out-of-State Resident
Tuition $9,524 $11,254
Mandatory Fees $504 $504
Enrollment Fees $30 $30
Per Term Total $10,058 $11,788
Total Annual Direct Billed Costs $30,174 $35,364

Other costs to consider for the DPT program include but may not be limited to:

  • APTA Student Membership ($95 annually)
  • PT Tool Kit (~$90 -$100 – APTA site – member)
  • Background checks (PTCAS Background Check $75/applicant)
  • Travel to/from clinical sites (varies)
  • Immunizations/Drug Screens (varies)
  • Health Insurance (varies)
  • Room & Board (varies – students may need to relocate during full time clinical education
  • experiences for 10 – 14 weeks)
  • Books (Varies)
  • Laptop requirement (varies)

Please Note: A non-refundable 2.85 percent service charge will be assessed on all credit/debit card transactions. Payments made via e-check will not be assessed a service charge. Contact Student Financial Services for more information at (877) 846-5755 or email

Graduate students are eligible for financial aid in the form of student loans only. You will need to complete the FAFSA at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester you wish to begin taking classes. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid – please review our international admission requirements to learn more.

More information can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

Each year, Plymouth State offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships to admitted graduate students. Selection criteria include academic and professional achievements, commitment to graduate study, and achievement or pursuit of personal or professional goals. Visit the PSU Scholarship Opportunities webpage for additional information.

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It truly is an exciting time for physical therapy at Plymouth State University. The profession is embracing a grand vision put forward by the American Physical Therapy Association and is seeking to “transform society through movement to improve the human experience.” We hope to achieve this transformation with the realization and identification of the human movement system and the physical therapist’s ability to provide perspective on movement across the lifespan, with distinctive knowledge to help individuals achieve their goals and ability to participate in society.

Our curriculum features combined innovative approaches, including on-campus clinical practice opportunities with program faculty and the broader campus and local community; clear and explicit opportunities to integrate conceptual knowledge and practical skills that are developing throughout the program; and a focus on several fundamental concepts for physical therapy practice including the movement system, causation and reasoning, systems thinking, and adaptation.

We look forward to answering your questions about our program and hope you can join us in an upcoming cohort.

— Dr. Barbara Crane, PhD, PT, ATP/SMS, Program Director

Graduation Rates: 2-year program graduation rate for graduates in 2021 and 2022 is 100%

National Licensure Examination Passing rates: 2-Year Ultimate Pass Rate is 96.4% (2020 and 2021 graduates)

2-Year First Time Pass Rate: 67.2% (2021 and 2022 graduates)

Employment rates: 100% of program graduates from class of 2021 and 2022 (reported employment in physical therapy from our one-year alumni surveys)

Plymouth OT students in classroom

The Physical Therapy program is located in the Samuel Read Hall building. The program is equipped with:

  • a 1000 square foot smart classroom/lab which includes storage for models and equipment used during courses and is available for DPT student use during non DPT course offerings
  • a 1000 square foot teaching / clinical lab
  • a shared 300 square foot conference room
  • a 250 square foot clinic lab equipped with remote viewing cameras for unobtrusive faculty / student observation from the 250 square foot conference room
  • 4 additional small labs (approximately 220 square feet each): Hospital Room Lab, the Human Factors & Ergonomics Lab, and two movement/mobility labs
  • Private Faculty and Administrative offices are clustered near a small lounge, the labs and conference rooms.

The program has been spatially organized to realize its Educational Philosophy for academic excellence, learner-centered teaching, experiential learning, applied research and regional service. The goal during development has been a space that allows for program flexibility and adaptability with Faculty being highly accessible to students, while being scholars and visionary leaders in the profession, serving as mentors constantly and consistently educating through modeling the behaviors and attributes that we hope to see develop in future graduates.

What is the accreditation status of Plymouth State's DPT Program?

We are a fully accredited program through CAPTE.

Can this program be completed as a FT or PT student?

This is a full-time year-round residential program.

What is the annual cost for the DPT program?

Costs fluctuate from year to year and differ slightly for NH residents and non-residents. View Graduate Student current rates for Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Per Term.

DPT Financial Fact Sheet

What prerequisite courses will I need to apply?

  • Anatomy & Physiology I and II (8 credits)
  • Chemistry I and II (8 credits)
  • Physics I and II (8 credits)
  • Biology (4 credits)
  • Statistics (3 credits)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (3 courses)

Can I retake prerequisite classes for a better grade?

You can retake courses to improve your science and overall GPA.

What is the GPA requirement for admission?

We have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 for both overall and science GPA.

Are GRE scores required?

Yes, GRE test scores are required as part of the application process. Scores can be uploaded through your PTCAS application.

Do you accept international students?

We do accept international students with the appropriate paperwork and English proficiency.

Can I live on campus?

There is a limited amount of on-campus housing for graduate students, most opt to live off campus.

Can I apply for NH residency?

The University System of New Hampshire rules stipulate that no one is eligible for in-state tuition unless she or he established that her or his residence in New Hampshire is for some purpose other than obtaining an education.
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How does the application/interview process work?

Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility, it is then scored by a faculty member. Depending on the score, well qualified applicants will be invited for an interview. If the interview goes well you may be offered admission. Offers of admission are not guaranteed if interviewed.

Can I visit campus for a tour?

Yes, we offer Graduate Campus Tours during the fall semester from mid-Sept through mid-November and during the spring semester from mid-Feb through April, as well as during the summer. Please check our VISIT page for dates/times.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Plymouth State University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)

3030 Potomac Ave.
Suite 100, Alexandria
Virginia 22305-3085
If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call (603) 535-2897 or email


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